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Turning Audio Against Gamers

According to a report from The Korea Times, a startup company has created a subliminal audio recording that will prevent obsessive use of online games.

As some of you know, I’m not a big fan of MMOs for this very reason. They bring out obsessive, addictive, antisocial behavior in some players. I’ve been hooked on one before (Final Fantasy XI), and that’s why I no longer play them. But what ever happened to just pulling the plug? If my children were so out of control that they could not stop playing the game, I would simply remove their internet connection. And for the adults doing this, someone must be paying the bills for them to play all day and not work, and that someone should stop doing it.

I guess I just don’t see why this sort of thing is necessary. But it is an interesting way to combat the problem. It reminds me of the Mosquito, which generates high-pitched tones used to shoo teenagers away from certain places. Or the clever kids who reverse-engineered the idea to create a kids-only ringtone. The subject of sonic-weaponry has long fascinated me, and these are close cousins of it.

Story found via GamePolitics.

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